Katanagatari BD - Subtitle Indonesia [BATCH]


English: Katanagatari
Synonyms: Sword Story
Japanese: 刀語

Type: BD
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Studios: White Fox
Source: Light novel
Genres: Action, Adventure, Historical, Martial Arts, Romance
Duration: 50 min. per ep.
Rating: R - 17+ (violence & profanity)

Source: Soukisubs
Quality: 480p - 10bit - x264 - Softsub
Batch Size: 1.11 GB

In an Edo-era Japan lush with a variety of sword-fighting styles, Shichika Yasuri practices the most unique one: Kyotouryuu, a technique in which the user's own body is wielded as a blade. The enigmatic seventh head of the Kyotouryuu school, Shichika lives quietly in exile with his sister Nanami until one day—the wildly ambitious strategist Togame barges into their lives.

Togame brazenly requests that Shichika help in her mission to collect twelve unique swords, known as the "Deviant Blades," for the shogunate. Shichika accepts, interested in the girl herself rather than petty politics, and thus sets out on a journey. Standing in their way are the fierce wielders of these legendary weapons as well as other power-hungry entities who seek to thwart Togame's objective. In order to prevail against their enemies, the duo must become an unbreakable team as they forge ahead on a path of uncertainty and peril.


One Room + OVA - Subtitle Indonesia [BATCH]

One Room

English: One Room
Japanese: One Room

Type: TV + OVA
Episodes: 13
Status: Finished Airing
Premiered: Winter 2017
Producers: Smiral Animation
Source: Original
Genres: Slice of Life
Duration: 4 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older

Source: LoliSekai
Quality: 720p - 10bit - x264 - Softsub
Batch Size: 240 MB

Series of shorts that tell stories of your relationship with "your" neighbor, younger sister, and childhood friend.


Happy New Year 2018

Happy New Year 2018

Illustration: 「鎖月」 - pixiv


[141219] [Uguisu Kagura] Kami no Ue no Mahoutsukai + Additional Patch + Manual + Update

kami no ue no mahoutsukai

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Title: Kami no Ue no Mahoutsukai
Original title: 紙の上の魔法使い
Aliases: 纸上的魔法使, Kamimaho, かみまほ
Length: Long (30 - 50 hours)
Developer: Uguisu Kagura
Rating: 18+

This is the debut game for Uguisu Kagura, which succeeds Yonaki Uguisu. There was a small library on that island. It was the Yuugyouji family’s private library built solely for one girl, Yoruko, who didn’t attend school and spent all her time there. With lots of intriguing books on its shelves, there was no happier place for a bookworm like her. There were also other wonderful and pleasant people who resided there: the protagonist Ruri and his cool sharp-tongued imouto Kisaki, the freeloading tennen moodmaker Rio, and the curious and honest “detective” Kanata. It’s as if they were all brought together by someone or something. Their love of books was the beginning of their youth. Before long, the lonely library became full of light and they became close like childhood friends.

Two years later, Ruri returned to the library after leaving the island due to family matters. Nothing seemed to have changed from six years ago, except that there was a secret which they were not aware of back then: “Anything that is written in the magic book will become reality”. If it’s a romance novel, then a miracle-like love story will unfold. If it’s a fantasy novel, then vampires will appear the next day. If it’s a horror novel, then there’ll be a ghost beckoning you from behind.

Yoruko’s strong will. Kisaki’s beauty. Rio’s cheerfulness. Kanata’s brilliance. Let’s fall in love with them and books.

[From Hau~ Omochikaeri!]


[150626] [Key] Angel Beats! -1st beat-

Angel Beats! -1st beat-

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Title: Angel Beats!
Aliases: エンジェルビーツ!, AB!
Length: Medium (10 - 30 hours)
Developer: Key
Rating: All ages

Angel Beats! is a collaboration project of Key, Dengeki G's, and Aniplex.

The story of the visual novel is to be based on the Angel Beats! anime series. The player takes on the role of Otonashi, a newcomer to the Afterlife who finds himself in the middle of a struggle between a group of students who call themselves the Shinda Sekai Sensen ("Afterlife Battlefront"), or SSS for short, and a mysterious girl who is known under the alias of Tenshi (Angel). The story will undergo changes from the original anime and will include story routes with each of the characters. It also stated that Otonashi will be very different than his original personality in the anime, and will change according to the choices made by the player.

First volume out of the six volume Angel Beats! visual novel series. Angel Beats! -1st beat- contains three character routes: Masami Iwasawa, Yui, and Matsushita.

[Edited from Angel Beats! wiki]


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